How to be Healthy ??

  1. Take Full Rest.
  2. Eat Healthy Food.
  3. Take 10 to 12 glass of water per day.
  4. Use Sallad in your diet on daily Basis.
  5. Walk and do execise daily.
  6. Be busy rather than taking tension.
  7. Keep yourself busy in Creative and daily schedule work.
  8. Read good books.
  9. Listen Music to fresh Ur mind.
  10. Avoid Negative people.
  11. Keep a Smile on your face.
  12. Live and Let Live to be happy and Healthy.
  13. Be social to release the tension.
  14. Have good friends.
  15. Use social media for creativity and Business rather than wasting Ur time in it .
  16. After ur standard expenses from ur hard money, save it for the better future of your family.

Conclusion:- Healthy means Mentally, Financially as well as Physically Fit

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